You want me to pay that for something that does not drive itself!!!

November 30, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Bicycle riding

A very well priced (cheap) bicycle purchased at your local department store may represent great value, but one should consider, that possibly greater than its value, will be its limited usable life span. Whilst the occasional gentle ride along your neighborhood roads may not extend these bikes, anything more than this is likely to destroy the components (shifters, chains, derailleurs, cranks etc). And it is, if and when, you plan to take your cycling a bit more seriously, that you may need to visit your local cycle store, and ask them to take you through the various bike options designed to accommodate varying cycling requirements and rider strengths.

And please take comfort from the fact that even cycling fanatics find some new bicycle prices to be absurdly high, and it remains an enigma to most us, why bicycles lose their value at the speed at which they do. Thankfully there will always be those cyclists who will demand the latest technology and this is possibly the reason why the used bicycle market is as buoyant as it is.

It would appear that a bicycle could lose almost half of its value after the first year of ownership, and then, depending on a number of factors, will continue to depreciate over time. makes it possible for cyclists of all levels and abilities to either start riding or to upgrade their current bike.