I would like to start riding, but where do I start?

November 1, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Bicycle riding

This is possibly the most frequently asked question, and it is easy to see how beginner cyclists can become confused by the jargon and in some cases agendas promoted by numerous bicycle shops etc. After all is said and done, some would say, the type of bike is not quite as important as is the size of the bike, and in particular how a bicycle is set up for you. There are numerous methods used to determine whether your set-up has been correctly achieved, for example;

1.      With your crank at the 3 o’clock position, if one drops a plumb line from the front of your knee, the line should fall at the point where the pedal joins the crank.

2.      When seated the handle bar should obscure the front wheel hub from your sight.

3.      At the bottom of the crank stroke, your leg should be ‘almost straight’ If your leg is too straight, you may find that you will ‘rock’ on your saddle, and if your leg is too bent, you may hurt your knees.

It is important to set yourself up on your bicycle as best as is possible at the outset, and yes the chances are pretty good that at first you will find the position a little uncomfortable, but hang in there, it does not take long before this becomes completely normal. Beginners typically set their saddle height, at a height which gives them the ability to keep both feet flat on the ground. This is completely natural, and is generally done to afford the rider a greater degree of ‘confidence and control’

The more one rides a bicycle that is correctly set up, the greater will ones confidence become, and confidence leads to momentum and so this ever improving cycle repeats itself. It is also completely normal for your backside to let you know that you have been riding, and yes this does get better pretty quickly and after fairly frequent riding, it will be the last thing in your mind.

Visit us at the shop, and we will be delighted to chat through some do’s and don’ts as you contemplate this wonderfully rewarding sport.